My CD is for sale in physical or download at CD Baby and other online resources. Came out in 2003. It’s definitely time to record some new tracks… these were my first 8 songs! The title track is dedicated to my “little sister” Coral Rojas.

Here’s a statement about the dedication:

Artist Statement:
The Story Behind The Song SwimFish

SwimFish is dedicated to my little sister Coral Rojas and The Catholic Big Sisters of the Lower East Side.

I started volunteering as a Big Sister in 2001. The most surprising thing about being a Big Sister is how much I’ve gotten back. My little sister, Coral Rojas, has opened my eyes in ways I didn’t expect, and I hope I have done a good job of doing the same for her.

From the beginning, I was surprised how much I could relate to her, despite our age and cutltural differences. I was a lot like her when we met – I was struggling with a lot of personal and professional change, and my self identity was rattled in process. I was very much mystified by what my future might be like. Spending time with her helped me realize, though, the benefit of being an adult is the ability to understand that things do eventually change. The most important thing she lacked wasn’t money or time or opportunity or a fancy education. She lacked faith in her ability to create a better future for herself and she lacked the belief that some of her necessary growth and evolution would happen on its own.

SwimFish is a song about freedom – it’s about me when I was her age, it’s about her now. The core message in the chorus is really a note that no matter what, life moves forward. You can tell a fish to swim upstream or a tree to grow into the heavens or a bird to soar to great heights – but what else are they going to do? They don’t need to be
told. It’s a call for her to see how beautiful nature is and that there is nothing to fear in the way the river bends. 

Music has only been a big part of my life for a few years; 
it was a passion that came as a surprise to me – about the time that I began volunteering for The Catholic Big Sisters. 

The song came to life out of a song writing contest I was entering at a club in my Brooklyn neighborhood, and the theme was “Freedom”. What came out of my creative process was the song SwimFish. Entering the contest for me was an excuse to write a song “on assignment”, and I was really surprised at what developed. I invited Coral to come and hear me play the song for her the night of the event and we had a lot of fun.


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